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A Day In The Life



Paul Is Dead (is he?)


I’m sure many of you are aware of the PID (Paul Is Dead) legend about Paul McCartney’s alleged death, but it’s so interesting that it deserves a special post.

On 12 October 1969 a man called to WKNR-FM, a Detroit radio station, saying he had the proof that Paul McCarney had died in a car accident in 1966/1967, and was quickly replaced by a look-alike called William Campbell, or William Shephard, or Billy Shephard (there are sooo many different versions), better known as Faul. The news surprisingly spread all over the world and was reported in many newspapers and radio programs.

According to the legend, Paul was absently driving his car after a complicated studio session with the other Beatles, when the lights suddendly changed causing a car accident in which he allegedly lost his life. And his head. It was the 9th November of 1966.

Brian Epstein, the Beatles’ agent, suggested they could hide his death and replace him with a look-alike as it was the band’s best moment. Some say it was a US Intelligence and Security Agency’s idea in order to avoid general panic and mass-suicides. I’ve also read that Paul was murdered ’cause the Beatles had become too famous…

It gets even more funny if we analyze “the clues” the other three decided to hide in their music to let the real fans know what really happened; let’s have a look at the most interesting of them:

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’s album cover

– The yellow flowers under the word “Beatles” look like a left-handed bass guitar, the instrument Paul used (and still uses) to play. Some say they spell the word “Paul”

– The bass guitar only has three strings, recalling the only three Beatles left

– On the left side the Fab 4 are looking down, allegedly at Paul’s tomb, with a sad look in their eyes and all dressed in black

– Near the flower bass guitar, there is a statue of the Hindu god Shiva, called “the destroyer”, with a hand pointing at Paul

– At the front, Paul is the only one holding a black instrument

– An opened hand appears above his head, which symbolizes death in some Eastern religions

– The doll at the right is holding a little toy car with some blood stains

Aaaand the most interesting one: if you put a mirror at the center of the drums, it spells I ONE IX HE DIE, referring to the day Paul died (9th November)

I ONE IX HE DIE = 11/9 He Die

– Paul is the only one not facing the camera

– George is pointing to the lyric “Wednesday morning at 5 o’clock”, the day and time of the car crash

– Paul’s head is near the lyric “Whithin you, without you”

– Paul is wearing a jacket with a OPD patch; OPD would stand for “Officially Pronounced Dead”

The songs included in this album are also filled with clues:

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

“Let me introduce to you the one and only Billy Shears” 

Referring to Billy Shephard, Paul’s substitute

– She’s Leaving Home

“Wednesday morning at five o’clock”

Again, the day and time Paul died

Good Morning, Good Morning

“Nothing to do to save his life”

“People running around, it’s five o’clock”

A Day In The Life

“He blew his mind out in a car”

Magical Mystery Tour Album Cover

– Paul is represented as a black walrus, which was a symbol of death for the Vikings

– The word “Beatles” looks like a telephone number when seen upside down; it is said to be the number of a London obituary

– In the booklet there is a photo of Paul sitting at a desk behind a sticker which reads “I You Was”

– In the booklet again you can find a drawing in wich the L from the word “Fool” seems to splits Paul’s head

– More clues can be find in the “I Am The Walrus” video: Paul is barefoot, while his shoes are on the right and visibly covered with blood; also, Ringo’s drums hide the message “Love the 3 Beatles”

– In the final scene, everybody’s wearing a red carnation while Paul’s one is black

Additional clues are hidden in the album songs:

Hello Goodbye

“You say goodbye and I say hello”

Sounds like Faul is introducing himself to the public

– Strawberry Fields Forever

At the end of the song, John says something like “I Buried Paul”; both Paul and him insisted he was just saying “Strawberry Sauce”

– All You Need Is Love

Again at the end, John seems to sing “Yes he’s dead. We love you yeah yeah yeah” instead of what should be “Yesterday, She loves you yeah yeah yeah” (the titles of two famous Beatles’ songs)

Abbey Road Album Cover

– The cover allegedly simbolyse a funeral: John is the preacher, Ringo the pallbearer, George the grave digger and Paul, who’s barefoot, is the dead

– Paul is walking with his eyes closed, as if it was dead

– He holds a cigarette in his right end, while everybody knows he’s left-handed

– He’s also walking out of step compared to the other three

– The license plate of the Wolkswagen Beetle on the left reads “28IF”: Paul would be 28 if it was still alive

– In the back cover there is a sign which reads “Beatles” and some dots at its left; if you connect them, you can read a 3

Many other clues can be found here and there basically in every album the Beatles have published, and they mainly consist in listening to some songs backwards to hear things like “Paul is dead, miss him miss him”, “I buried Paul” or “I was Will Campbell”.

What do I think about it? Well, I don’t care if some of my favourite songs ever were written by Paul McCartney or William Campbell. I still love them and always will.

All this “clue thing” makes me smile, as I’m deeply convinced that the Beatles enjoyed hiding false information just to make us a little bit crazier. And while I think of it, I can hear John laugh so hard about it… 🙂